Villa or Hotel?

Amazing Value
Luxury rental villas have a much better value than staying in a traditional hotel. For your hard-earned money, you not only receive a room—you receive a full-sized luxury home complete with private pool access, a kitchen, gorgeous views, and several bathrooms. Rental villas provide you with more privacy than a hotel, more space to spread out, and more amenities, such as concierge services and private chefs that can cook you meals in the comfort of your villa rental’s gourmet kitchen. Continue Reading

Why visit Manuel Antonio?

Once a sleepy coastal village, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica has grown into a stunning resort town, full of activity, culture, and life. Surrounded by wildlife, filled with restaurants, and nestled along the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean, Manuel Antonio is the perfect place to spend your vacation in Costa Rica.

Not convinced? Here are a few more reasons to visit:

The National Park
Manuel Antonio National Park is perhaps the most famous of the National Parks and Reserves within Costa Rica. The park spans a total of 1700 acres of land and extends out into 135,905 acres of marine reserve. Manuel Antonio National Park features 4 absolutely gorgeous and unspoiled beaches, miles of hiking trails, and all the wildlife you could ever hope to see. Toucans, Titi monkeys, Capuchin monkeys, sloths, basilisk lizards, iguanas, and tree frogs are all residents of this truly incredible Costa Rican National Park. Manuel Antonio National Park also has brand new bathroom facilities, drinking fountains, and, in the case of handicapped clientele, access via vehicle can be arranged. Continue Reading

Why Villa Manuel & The Loft?

Villa Manuel & The Loft are located right in the heart of the gorgeous coastal town of Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. Sharing the town’s name, the world famous Manuel Antonio National Park is just one of the many features that draw travelers to this area time and time again. Stretches of long, sandy beaches, a variety of delicious restaurants, a bustling nightlife, and open, friendly people are all wonderful aspects of the Manuel Antonio area. Additionally, this part of Costa Rica is home to three different species of monkey (titi, capuchin, and howler), two different species of sloth, toucans, basilisk lizards, poison arrow frogs, dolphins, whales, and many other types of animals. Continue Reading

Warning: Top 5 reasons NOT to Rent a Villa in Manuel Antonio

So you have heard great things about Costa Rica and you are thinking about renting a villa in Manuel Antonio. Manuel Antonio has great beaches, tons of things to do, great restaurants, and of course the world famous park. So what’s not to like?

Well hold on a second. Before you send in that deposit for the villa of your dreams take a moment to review the 5 reasons NOT to get a villa in Manuel Antonio. Continue Reading