Villa or Hotel?

Amazing Value
Luxury rental villas have a much better value than staying in a traditional hotel. For your hard-earned money, you not only receive a room—you receive a full-sized luxury home complete with private pool access, a kitchen, gorgeous views, and several bathrooms. Rental villas provide you with more privacy than a hotel, more space to spread out, and more amenities, such as concierge services and private chefs that can cook you meals in the comfort of your villa rental’s gourmet kitchen.

There’s no place like home, right? So imagine that instead of spending a full day at the gorgeous beach in Manuel Antonio and returning to a cramped hotel room with only one window, you return, pleasantly exhausted and sandy, to your full sized villa rental. Instead of just one tiny room, you have a whole house to spread out in. Full sized windows with views of the rainforest greet you in every room. Take a nap on the couch in the living room, or watch a movie with your family in the living room. With a villa rental, there’s no end to the creature comforts available to you.

When you rent a hotel, your room is your only oasis from the hustle and bustle of the lobby and the other hotel patrons. Whether you are trying to enjoy an exotic romantic getaway or are celebrating your recent marriage with a destination honeymoon, you’re sure to find more privacy in a rental villa than a honeymoon suite. When you return to your villa after a candlelit dinner at one of the fine restaurants in Manuel Antonio, it’s wonderful to know you’ll be the only people moving about the house, making noise, or using the pool. Even for families, renting a vacation villa is much a better option. With separate rooms for the parents and the children, everyone can sleep more peacefully.

Personalized Attention
The experienced villa staff will take care of your every need. From daily maid service, washing dishes and doing your laundry to concierge services that can schedule any tour you might want to try, the Villa and Loft staff will work hard to make you as comfortable as possible.

No Commitment
Unlike timeshares, fractionally owned properties, or resort memberships, a rental villa is your responsibility only during the time you are here. You get to choose the destination and the vacation dates. The staff will take care of you and the house while you stay, and when you go home, you’ll go home with the comfort of not having to worry about strangers staying in your timeshare. You can come and go as you please with a rental villa and you benefit from making no other commitments than to the vacation dates and to having a wonderful time in Costa Rica.