Warning: Top 5 reasons NOT to Rent a Villa in Manuel Antonio

So you have heard great things about Costa Rica and you are thinking about renting a villa in Manuel Antonio. Manuel Antonio has great beaches, tons of things to do, great restaurants, and of course the world famous park. So what’s not to like?

Well hold on a second. Before you send in that deposit for the villa of your dreams take a moment to review the 5 reasons NOT to get a villa in Manuel Antonio.

1. You save too much money: A 3 bedroom  villa that sleeps 6 can be had for under $300 per night, the same as a high end hotel room. So if your family would need 3 hotel rooms you would be saving $600 per DAY! That’s enough to pay for another vacation!
Plus villas all have fully stocked kitchens so you do not need to eat out every meal, saving you even more. Who wants that?

2. Too much privacy: I mean who doesn’t like other hotel guests watching your every move. You may get lonely in your villa, better to stay with the crowds.

3. Too much space: Don’t you just love hanging out in your hotel room. Villas usually have just too much open space, decks, pools, etc. I know that I much prefer the close confines of a hotel room.

4. Too quiet: I never like to miss the screaming kids at a hotel pool when I am on vacation. It is usually my favorite part of my vacation. Plus villas in Manuel Antonio tend to be in the middle of the jungle and I hate nature!

5. Monkeys wake you up: Monkey running across the roof of my villa is NOT the way I want to wake up in the morning. I don’t know about you but I much prefer to wake up naturally to my alarm clock.

So there you have it, best to just stay away from those villas 🙂